What is this place?!

It’s a blog. K, next question! Haha, well, it’s the blog of Susanna M. Bautista. Well, me. I just document my random travels, tales, and thoughts whether it’s just around town or off of Long Island.

Why did you create this blog? 

Because I can, foo’! Haha, no, actually, I just needed an outlet to steam off my thoughts with many more words than my Instagram can hold. Plus, this blog is a way to share with my family and friends of my latest travels. And if you do happen to stumble upon this blog, I hope it is informative and/or entertaining.^^

What does su d’Orlais mean?

Su is short for Susanna. d’Órlais means From Orlais, (pronounced as Or-lay!) which is a fictional French-inspired country. (Yes, I’m a Dragon Age fan. :P)

What camera do you use?

I currently use the Fujifilm X100F. (I used to use a Panasonic Lumix LX100 and an Olympus.) And I edit the photos or at least make them look prettier with the PicMonkey App either on the Macbook or iPhone 7 Plus.

Did you take all of these pictures?

Indeed, I have unless otherwise stated! 🙂

Even the pictures of yourself?

Of course! I love doing “Advance Selfies!” Check out Sorelle Amore on how to do them. 🙂

Where do you get the money to travel to all of these places?

From my Grandma, haha. It was my late Grandpa’s idea to get all the cousins and siblings together one time for a least a week every year to go on some exciting adventure! And my grandma helps fund them. (God bless them!)

Also, my parents and some of my family folks fund me as well.

However, for the most part, I work to have more opportunities to travel abroad!

Check out the Jetsetter Diaries on how to travel cheaply! 🙂

What got you into traveling?

When I was younger, I remember traveling with my parents and siblings across the country, like, through Yellow Stone National Park or even driving down south to Disney World.

Traveling is definitely eye-opening or being more aware and exposed to other cultures and ways of life. I think it’s the beauty of seeing architecture and meeting people and learning their languages and enjoying their cuisine that makes traveling so thrilling.

So, all in all, it has been a childhood dream of mine to explore every country for as long as my limbs and brain functions adequately. 😉