Exploring NorCal: San José, Merced, & Modesto

Ceres/ModestoCeres/Modesto is just a typical town with the usual gas stations and convenient stores. There is definitely an in-n-out. My cousins and I drove to this red Taco Truck, which served super delicious and fresh burritos. Two benches stood right next to the truck and the cooks and the owner knew the regular customers by… Continue reading Exploring NorCal: San José, Merced, & Modesto

Exploring NorCal: San Francisco

I was not aware of a San Francisco's geography until I got there. Since it was situated on gigantic hills, it was much chillier than its neighboring cities. Since I was visiting the city in August, the current attire at that time was both fascinating and amusing. Natives and even visitors wore ski-resort like jackets… Continue reading Exploring NorCal: San Francisco

Exploring NorCal: Sacramento & Yosemite

About a week ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to explore NorCal and visit family. The following are just my thoughts and experiences while visiting these places just for the day: Oakland Oakland sort of had that SoCal vibe with its towering palm trees, beach-like fronts, and bright skies. My brother and I stumbled upon… Continue reading Exploring NorCal: Sacramento & Yosemite

Night Life in China Town

The rain was pouring down on my friends and I. We only owned one umbrella and some hoodies. Yet, exploring the downtown part of the city when the natural lights were gone was a magical experience. Towards the evening, sellers, whom were mostly older women, sold fruits and veggies and perhaps other types of food… Continue reading Night Life in China Town

Vintage House Shopping

So, after Mass, my parents and I went vintage-house shopping here. So, basically these owners welcomed anyone into their home. They were selling their jewelry, classical books, Victorian-inspired paintings, furniture, photos, comics, CDs, and whole plethora of stuff. We ended up buying this long lamp and a mahogany table. Also, since my mom is super… Continue reading Vintage House Shopping